Personal trainer to lifestyle guru

Jody is a fully qualified personal trainer. She has been working for herself for over 12 months and has a full diary of clients. She is also a nutritionist and sports psychologist. She has been delivering one-to-one training and coaching either in client’s homes or in outdoor settings.

Jody spent 8 years in the Royal Navy and is disciplined and methodical in her approach. During her service, Jody was involved in military exercises, combating pirates, rescuing refugees from unseaworthy vessels, and responding to distress calls. In her limited spare time she has been devising a book on nutrition, exercise and the psychology of recovering from trauma.

Jody wants to create a brand which encompasses her experience and practice but is finding it difficult to find enough time to work on its development, she also struggles keeping up with her client bookings and spends any down time she gets responding to messages and chasing payments.

Jody has a very basic online presence but does not use to its full potential. She has a budget for some help but cannot afford professional marketing and promotion. Jody has been been offered a publishing deal but struggles to bring her book together.

Jody’s main barrier to developing her business is lack of time. Because she is the only one working within the business, she cannot service her clients, keep up with her admin and work on her aspirations to expand her brand.

What could Jody outsource?

Chasing payment - to protect Jody’s cash flow, payment of outstanding fees needs chasing.

Raising Jody’s online profile and managing existing clients - Review Jody’s branding and if amendments are agreed, oversee the process.

Jody would benefit from a new website which can incorporate client bookings and payments. Packages are available which incorporate these functions, on a budget, without the cost of paying a website developer. Changes are easy to make and most of them, such as WordPress or Wix, come with a range of bolt on apps which can add further services and functionality.

Set up Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Branding to be consistent throughout all of them. Agree on content to be published, and frequency, through blog and social media feeds and use social media software to schedule and push out updates. There are a variety of free platforms available so this would not increase costs.

Set up a CRM system to manage Jody’s clients, whilst adhering to GDPR regulations. This system can also be bolted on to self-publish website systems.

Freeing up time - look at other ways Jody can deliver her service so that she can increase her revenue and free up time. For example, survey existing clients to see if they are open to small group class, for a reduction in fees. Jody can profile her clients in likely ability/preference groups. Even though this could require rental of space, more clients could be serviced over a shorter period of time. There is also the potential to bring in an associate to increase capacity. Jody can still maintain some one-to-one clients but can retain free time to attend to her book.

Promotion - with increased revenue and output, Jody can invest in promotional videos to enhance her brand online. Source film makers and liaise during process. Include promo in social media feeds and on website blog. Retain video makers for future social media content to include You Tube.

Locations - increased demand from online promotion and increased revenue will enable Jody to consider taking on a premises. Research suitable premises.

Book - transcription of voice recordings of book content, and proofreading and sense checking of book draft before sending to publishers. Source photographers for book content (general and food). Co-ordinate photo sessions and collate final images. Liaise with literary agent regarding promotion of book (online and book signings).

Raising professional profile - with a published book, established practice, and growing business, Jody can consider public speaking at industry conferences, scheduled in advance through tracking conference notifications.

Miscellaneous - travel, equipment sourcing, HR, Health & Safety and staff recruitment, co-ordinating facilities and maintenance.

All of this can be done through outsourcing. With a virtual assistant as a conduit for each activity communication is structured and through a single source. All of these activities can be carried out remotely but meet-ups can take place once in a while, if necessary.

Jody will also get a reduced VA rate due to being a veteran.

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