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After speaking with a lot of small business owners, sole traders and entrepreneurs, there seems to be a consistent theme running through their perception of social media: social media marketing and management are one in the same thing. Right? You just need to have a bit of a chat, then you will have a social media presence, right? Wrong.

Social media marketing is a service that is offered by social media marketing agencies. The trail was broken by Manchester based, innovative, stand-alone agencies such as Engage Hub and Social Chain, founded and run by young entrepreneurs, Ray Sherlock and Stephen Bartlett who used their natural understanding of social media to

start a phenomenon that soon had more traditional, long established agencies sitting up and taking notice. Many marketing agencies have now not only incorporated digital marketing into their skillset but have also developed specialist social media offerings. They have had to scramble to get with the programme. But make no mistake, innovation still needs expertise and professional marketing, quite rightly, demands professional fees.

So, what do you do when you don't have a large budget for a professional agency campaign but you still have lots to put out about your business and wonder if you can reach prospects and customers through this medium? Social media management can facilitate this. Social media management is managing and scheduling output based on your knowledge of your business and its development. You provide materials and information in relation to your business, based on your short and long term goals, to whomever is managing your output, so they can do what you most likely do not have time to do.

You can build your audience and encourage your existing customers to bring in their own network. You can get out information on offers and promotions as an alternative or additional marketing stream to your existing channels. How will you invite them into your business and culture if you don't show them anything more beyond your shop window? Some investment of time and headspace is essential if you are going to ask someone to manage your social media output.

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