So that you can get the best rates for the type of work we agree on, I offer three different pricing structures.

£25.00 per hour

This rate is ideal for new clients who want to offload certain tasks that aren't massively time heavy, or if we can't quantify the amount of time needed, then the hourly rate is ideal to begin with. 

One off project cost

If you have a project to complete, such as pulling together lengthy documentation, writing bids, reports, editorial or proofreading, being quoted a one off cost enables you to know in advance the cost to you and any possible contingency if needed.


If you would like the peace of mind that goes with knowing I have set aside an agreed amount of weekly or monthly time exclusively for working with you, then a retainer will be ideal.  You pay for time in advance and I will let you know if you are nearing your limit.

How long do particular tasks take?

15 minute task:     organise a meeting and update calendar.

30 minute task:     produce a brief weekly report.

45 minute task:     transcribe and check 15 minutes of good quality


1 hour task:          proofread and edit 2000 words of good quality text.


My riders

Experience has taught me that the best service I can offer should be the only one I offer.  Therefore, I like to focus on my specialties - in depth projects, working with you to create a solid administrative framework for your business, and any other tasks which you, as a business owner, could be outsourcing to free up your time.

If you would like help with events, or life milestones, it is really useful if you can identify in advance, your budget and the outcome you are looking for.  


As a freelancer I work remotely and would not normally work out of your premises. I don't offer a call answering service, telesales or canvassing.

Would you like working with me?

You will be professional, focussed and know where you want to take your business, or have identified specific projects you need to complete and have a clear vision of where you want to be.


If you have reached the conclusion that you need to draft in help, and appreciate how doing so would benefit your business, your event, or your busy personal life, then get in touch. 

I am pleased to offer a discount to veterans of the UK Armed Forces.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.  Please note: I will require proof of your identity as a veteran in order to give any discount. 


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